Main inclusion criteria:

1. Execution of letter of informed consent;

2. Male or female of age 18 and above;

3. Proved by way of histology or cytology to be late-stage non-small cell lung cancer patient (pathological report from external hospitals are acceptable);

4. EGFR wt, ALK rearrangement negative, R0S1 rearrangement negative, KRAS mutation negative;

5. Verified to have c-Met amplification, GCN≥6 (verified by Center Lab's FISH testing), failure of standard therapy (chemotherapy with Carboplatin) or individuals with poor drug-resistance;

6. At least one measurable lesion (based on RECIST1.1 standard);

7. ECOG Performance Status 0-1;

8. Projected lifespan ≥3 months;

9. Normal lab checks.


Main exclusion criteria:

1. Unwilling to provide tumor tissue or blood sample for molecular screening;

2. Have previously received c-Met inhibitor or HGF targeted therapy;

3. Show symptoms of neurologically unstable CNS metastasis, or needs to increase dosage of steroids to control CNS disease;

4. Unstable or uncontrollable disease or circumstances relating to or affecting cardiac functions, uncontrollable hypertension;

5. Resting calibration QT period during screening period (Qtc) for female > 470ms or male >450ms;

6. Any major arrhythmia such as ventricular arrhythmia, ventricular or nodal arrhythmia and other arrhythmia that cannot be controlled by drugs;

7. Previous anti-cancer treatment with toxicity not attaining ≤1 level (NCI-CTCAE  5.0) or base line, excluding hair loss;


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