Avistone is dedicated to autonomous research of anti-tumor drugs

Publication Time:2022-09-26

       Avistone is dedicated to autonomous research of anti-tumor drugs, offering innovative therapy to cancer patients around the world. We possess a mature drug discovery, clinical development and commercialization platform. We are happy to work with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies worldwide at any stage of research and development. Commercialization of scientific achievements is typically through external licensing and introduction of products.

1.External Licensing:

       We have 3 clinical candidate compounds with proprietary worldwide intellectual property rights. We are willing to grant overseas licensing to maximize the commercial value of our product pipelines.

PLB1004 is a safe, highly-effective, highly-selective EGFR Ex20ins inhibitor. It can significantly inhibit nearly 20 sub-types of Ex20ins NSCLC. It also has good inhibition effect on common sensitive mutation (Ex19del and L858R mutation) and tolerance mutation (T790M mutation), but performs weakly on wild-type EGFR.

       Phase 1 of clinical trial in China is about to conclude. Initial data show that the ORR for EGFR Ex20ins patients is 58.6% (17/29), with that for brain-metastasis patients being as high as 57.1%.

        Phase 1 clinical trial for PLB1004 will commence at the beginning of 2023.

2.Project Introduction:

       Introduce similar “first in class” or “best in class” innovative drugs, and help overseas partners to accelerate clinical development in China so as to offer high-quality innovative drugs to Chinese patients and give them better living quality.